Bombay High

A label for a select few who appreciate, value and like to be associated with excellence.
High on style quotient yet subtle, Bombay High showcases office and boardroom attires with a
sharp emphasis on minimalism and poise.

Our Story

A while ago there were seven pieces of land surrounded by the sea. Two seashores of high breeze connected together and so on until the seven islands united to form an urban idea of living. Musing a sketch of the city life, the man and woman of confidence, inspiring us to create smart wardrobe choices.

Finest Fabrics

We strongly believe it all begins with the fabric and its fine construction. We choose precisely the fabrics made with the finest raw materials making our designs classic and timeless. The fabrics go through a meticulous process of testing during the FPT(Fabric Performance Test) to ensure a superior quality of garments.

Tailored to Perfection

Created with a conscious process, our styles fit exceptionally well. We as a team collectively spend a thorough time working on the silhouette, construction and finishing. With improvisation in every stage from prototype development to final fit, we aim at precision. With sizes from S - 5XL, we offer utmost choices in that one piece of comfort clothing.

Promise Of Quality

At Bombay High, we value our wearers' beliefs and carefully curate every detail with precision. Our team works on a research-based design process. Forecasting the right materials, silhouette and design details, we begin with the conception far in advance. To assure a well planned production ensuring that the construction, fit and fabric meets the standard of quality.