Bombay High Sports Gym & Fitness Studio

Terms & Conditions:-

  1. Eligibility age 16 having parental guidance.
  2. The Gym shall have the absolute right to make or change such rules, regulations and restrictions in the Gym property as it may deem necessary.
  3. All signs posted or displayed in the Gym shall be considered as a part of the rules and regulations.
  4. No member of the Gym shall advertise or permit this membership to be advertised for sale. Memberships are non-assignable, non -transferable and non-voting. However, Membership can be transferred to a non-member on payment of a transfer Fee at the discretion of the management.
  5. Charges and fees for services and facilities are subject to change as deemed necessary by the Gym Management.
  6. In the event it is deemed advantageous to the Gym to shift the gym or expand the facilities thereof, the Gym may temporarily close for construction, shifting or upgradation and will make reasonable efforts to substitute another facility for its members until such construction, shifting or upgradation is completed.
  7. No refund shall be made for membership dues paid, except if the members dies or is permanently disabled, after admission or payment of membership fees and is therefore unable to receive all services for which he/ she  has contracted, he/she  and his/her estate shall be relieved from the obligation of making payments for services other than those received prior to death or disability, and if he/she has prepaid any sums for services ,so much as is allocable to service he/she has not received shall be promptly refunded to him/her or  their  representative, after deduction of any taxes already paid, As used herein, the term disability means a condition which preclude the member from physically using the facilities, and such condition are verified by a physician and permanent means for more than six months. No refunds will be given for temporary disability.
  8. Any member who is loud, offensive, and bothersome to other members in an unbecoming manner or who is cited for infraction of rules and regulation may be suspended or expelled from the Gym. Further any conduct of misbehavior with or towards any staff of the gym shall not be tolerated. In the event of termination, the unused portion of any advance payment shall be forfeited to the Gym.
  9. In the event that a member becomes temporary disabled and, therefore, is not able to use the services and facilities of the Gym, the membership term will be extended for a period equal to the length of the temporary disability, up to a maximum of 15 days subject to submission of medical certificate from doctor
  10. Members shall strictly follow all the instructions and advice given to them by Trainers or Supervisors and use the Gym equipment with care and member shall be responsible for using Property, the gym equipment and facilities, following instructions provided by staff. Any damage to the equipment or facilities caused by member and/or misuse may result in liability for repair or replacement costs.
  11. Hours of operation are posted at Gym and are subject to changes at the discretion of the management.
  12. There will be NO SMOKING permitted on the Gym premises.
  13. All member and guest must sign in register at the reception desk upon entering the Gym. Also enroll to the face recognition for daily access to gym. Members and Staff are under camera surveillance inside the gym.
  14. Any extra services provided by the Gym, including but not limited to Aerobics, Indoor cycling, Yoga, Personal Training, other group activities, etc. may only be used by a member in good standing. A member whose basic Membership is uninterrupted (i.e Health Gym Membership) has expired must renew in time in order to take advantage of the services. Further any Amount paid towards personal training cannot be transferred to any other member or cannot be adjusted against membership or other dues.
  15. Members are responsible for their own belongings and the Gym does not take any responsibility for any items lost or found or any belongings kept in the lockers or anywhere in the Gym premises. Items kept in the lockers are at the member’s own risk and responsibility. Lockers available are for temporary use only.
  16. Any notice required or permitted to be given to members  shall be considered duly given when personally delivered to  members, emailed or mailed or sent through any other medium such as WhatsApp etc, and / or  members address as it appears on  membership agreement or as subsequently changes by written notice to the Gym. Any notice required or permitted to be given by members to the Gym shall be considered duly given only when received by the membership office of the Gym.
  17. No solicitation allowed in Gym or parking lot or in any other area in the possession of the Gym.
  18. Members are responsible for parking of own vehicles, including but not limited to cars, bicycles, two wheelers, etc. The Gym does not take any responsibility for the same when parked anywhere while using the Gym services. Members may avail Valet services as provided by the Gym at their own risk and the Gym takes no responsibility for the damage, loss, or theft arising out of the same. This facility is provided for the convenience of members however possession of the vehicle would never be transferred to Gym.
  19. The Gym and/or its management reserves the right to make any alterations, increase or decrease the area of the Gym, services, equipment's and the size of the facility. In the eventually, access to the premises is ceased temporarily or permanently for any reason, whatsoever, the Gym management shall make alternate arrangements for members to workout at any Gym of the management's choice within 10 km of this premises. Member shall not claim any refund for the membership period unused on any pretext whatsoever.
  20. Any amount payable or paid towards membership, personal training or any other facility is subject at taxes/duties/charges applicable at such time and place including but not limited to GST. As per section 17(5) of GST Act, input tax credit shall not be available in respect of membership of a club, health and fitness Centre. Hence there shall not be any Input Tax Credit available to a member for any payments towards GST.
  21. Members must wear appropriate clothing (covering the chest and back) at all times in the Gym.
  22. Foot –covering (i.e. tennis of aerobic shoes) must be worn at all times in all exercise areas, as well as in the Gym. Socks and sandals are not allowed. Street shoes are not allowed in the gym. Members must carry gym shoes separately and must change them inside the gym premises.
  23. Please be aware of circuit rules. Do not cut in on the circuit or do sets if other members are waiting.
  24. Profanity is not allowed in the gym. The management reserves its right to terminate the membership if any member commits act sexual harassment or any act of moral turpitude on the establishment of the Gym. 
  25. Member shall not yell or scream across the gym.
  26. Use of the equipment should be as instructed by the instructors.
  27. Return weights to proper racks when finished.
  28. Have a “Trainer’’ when using heavy weight.
  29. No littering or leaving debris on the gym floor.
  30. Members are asked to use towels when using the equipment.
  31. No dropping of the weights is allowed.
  32. Shaving at the Gym Strictly forbidden.
  33. Eating and drinking is permitted in the lounge only. Please do not eat drink in gyms, lockers rooms and spa areas.
  34. The lockers shall be used during the period of visit to the gym. Belongings may not be left in lockers overnight. Locks will be cut off and belongings shall be removed. The Gym does not accept responsibility for items removed from lockers. Gym provides temporary lockers only. The management reserves its right to open or inspect the lockers at any time. 
  35. Chalk is not allowed to be use in the gym.
  36. If Member has paid separately for the personal training sessions and a particular trainer leaves the job or is unable to continue to provide his service or sessions to a particular member, in such instances, Gym shall provide remaining sessions through other trainers and no refund shall be made on any pretext.
  37. No member shall be allowed to enter the gym premises or stay in gym premises before or after the scheduled timings of the gym.
  38. Gym accepts no responsibility or liability of any children at the gym premises. It is the responsibility of the accompanying member to restrict the entry of the child at reception only.
  39. Usage of drugs & steroid is illegal. Gym has zero tolerance policy and any member using any form of drugs or steroids will be terminated without any refund.
  40. Use of cellphones is prohibited on cardio machines.
  41. Member shall not bring in any unauthorized to perform personal training services.
  42. All guests must seek permission and register upon entering the Gym.
  43. All guest must execute a Waiver and Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.
  44. Ex Staff and members restricted from the Gym may not enter as guests.
  45. Guests will be charged guests fees.
  46. The Gym reserves the right to refuse anyone who is not properly attired.

Address: Bombay High Sports Gym & Fitness Studio · Road No. 18, Samrudhi Bungalow, Near, KN Gaikwad Marg, beside SBI Bank, Chembur Gaothan, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071, India